Very colorful dish and full of vegetables, sweet chili sauce and mint! Mighty Minty Matey one might say in UK!

THAI TIP: You can either put this sauce over rice on its own without the Beyond Burger OR you can use crispy fried Tofu. You choose! The Beyond Burger picks up the flavor of the sauce in an instant. If you leave it longer it is absolutely divine darlings!

THAI TIP: Absolutely love fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves! But This Is Cool! You can also freeze them, either in their packaging OR you can put them in a freezer bag. When you want to use them just take them out about 30 mins before, put them on paper towels and they thaw out naturally and quickly.  

2 x 8 ox packs Beyond Beef: Beyond Burger

(Either fry in Pan for 3 mins each side OR Grill for 3 mins each side. Make sure that both sides look browned. You do not need to add oil as each burger includes coconut oil.

4 x garlic cloves, minced.

3 x fresh long red chilies, thickly sliced on the diagonal

4 x tablespoons Namu Shoyu soy sauce or your favorite brand

1 x cup Mae Ploy brand sweet Thai chili sauce

1 x tablespoon Coconut Secret coconut palm sugar OR brown sugar

1 x cup of cold water

20 x fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves (Chiffonade – roll up very tight and cut thinly with a very sharp knife OR into thin strips with scissors)

1 x large red bell pepper (cut into thin strips)

4 x ozs French beans OR green beans (cut in 2” pieces)

3 x cups fresh mint leaves (reserve some for garnish)

Firstly cook the Beyond Meat: Beyond Burgers and set aside to cool. When cool enough cut each burger into 5 strips, (not too thin or it will fall apart)

Heat a wok, when it starts to smoke, add 3 tablespoons Safflower oil. Add garlic and red chilies. Cook gently for a few seconds.

Add soy sauce, chili sauce, palm sugar, water, kaffir lime leaves Stir fry for a minute. Add the red pepper, French beans and mint leaves. Stir well for approximately 3 – 5 minutes, making sure the beans and peppers are cooked but not soggy! 

Remove from heat. Gently add the sliced Beyond Beef slices to the wok making sure they are covered with the sauce. Let them sit in the sauce for 5 minutes, you can spoon some of the sauce over them.

To Serve: Transfer the mixture to a serving dish and garnish with the remaining mint leaves. Perfect served with steamed jasmine rice.