Healing People and Pets

Author: Rising Above Grief for People and Pets.

Meditation CD/Download: Freedom to be Free is Freeing.

Many people have such deep pain and sorrow etched into their belief system that it can cause emotional or physical manifestation. It takes great strength of character and courage to release this negativity. Learn how to forgive yourself or an issue, enabling you to move forward and make a quantum leap in your life and fully engage in the miraculous journey of the human soul, with faith, trust, and belief in yourself. You will be facilitated and empowered during your journey along the spiritual path to discover your life purpose. The realization that all you have to do is to commit to yourself is a simple act of awareness and Love.

My love for all animals, irrespective of the physical form knows no boundaries. Animal Communication and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing help animals heal from their previous life of abuse.

Helping you start to heal from the emotional earthquake of the grieving process whether you have lost a beloved person or adored pet.