Thai Vegan Cookbook

My upcoming Thai Vegan Cookbook is for everyone!

Sharing with you my unique portfolio of 82 of my personal Thai recipes which I have “Veganized “ incorporating the four main culinary regions of Thailand.

Thai food lends itself perfectly to Veganism without losing the excitement of “the sweet, the sour, the salty, and the spicy” flavors which is the essence and alchemy of Thai Cooking.

Comprehensive recipes showing luscious lunches, simple supper dishes, to showcasing delectable delicious dinners. Some of the recipes originate from Royal Palace cuisine, along with other easy to prepare recipes that Thai people eat at home. Also included are many familiar dishes that people have eaten at their favorite Thai restaurant and want to replicate as vegan in the nurturing environment of their own kitchen. It will be as if you are personally taking one of my Thai cooking classes. There are Thai Tips incorporated into each recipe to give you the confidence and clarity each step of the way.

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